About Us


After spending many years as a local radio sales representative, Jeff Savage has witnessed the difficulties of his clients trying to choose the most effective and cost efficient way to advertise in this continually changing marketplace.   He wanted to be able to super-serve his customers not only in main stream media but in all forms of advertising and marketing.  As a result, Savage formed Ad In Marketing & Creative Services in March 2003 with the goal of becoming a “one-stop-shop” saving his clients time and money while still providing quality products and services.


As the advertising world has changed in recent years, there has become a rising demand for advertising products that are accessible anytime, anywhere.  We have developed an automated ordering system that meets this growing need, reduces costs, and eliminates time spent on unnecessary appointments and phone calls.   It also makes reoccurring orders very easy. Our web-based order system can be used for all your printing needs from business cards and postcards to vinyl signs and billboards. 
We hope you enjoy this simple and cost effective way to broaden your advertising options with ease and convenience.  Check back and see what new products are added to our menu in the future.